Friday, January 30, 2009

Its official: Horowhenua librarians are heroes!

Library use is going through the roof!

I have just been looking at the monthly stats for Horowhenua Library Trust and if you thought we have been busy - you are right! Just look at these stand-out figures (anything under a 30% increase not included):

Visitor increases:
  • Levin up 15 % from same month last year
  • Foxton up 46% (no - not a typo)

Loan increases:
  • Adult nonfiction: Levin up 33%, Foxton up 22%
  • Adult fiction: Shannon up 51%
  • Adult audio visual: Levin up 37% & Foxton up 42%
  • Junior nonfiction: Levin up 39%, Foxton up 131%, Shannon up 92%
  • Junior fiction: Levin up 37%, Foxton up 77% & Shannon up 37%
  • Junior audio visual: Foxton up 78% & Shannon up 53%
This resulted in an across District increase of 22% over the same month last year!

Remember also that we have almost a year of month on month increases. You go Girls!


Anonymous said...

Wow look at those figures for Foxton - go us! (Writing as a customer here!!) So can we get a new library soon ;-)

Joann Ransom said...

Hi Alison - yes we are very excited about the new library. The plans look good, we have just received a big grant from Lottery Board and Council has a buyer for the old library building! Should be all go!

Cheers Jo.