Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Customer Service.

Today I was bowled over by incredible customer service; and naturally I want to tell everyone I know about it.

I bought a tent from Kathmandu 2 summers ago. It has been quite heavily used for 3 summers now - like pitched and used for weeks on end - and this summer the tent fly has ripped... well kinda shredded in parts... and this was a $NZ1,000 tent.

I emailed Kathmandu and asked if I had any options for replacement or repair. I don't have a receipt, they have only my word for how many years old it is, and I realise it is out of the 2 year warranty period. But given it is an outdoor tent one, and not a cheap one, I had expected it to be a bit more robust in the UV rays (which have clearly rotted it). What were my options for replacing the fly as the tent itself is still fine?

So 3pm yesterday I wrote the email to their online customer service team, 12 noon today I got a reply asking if I could take it to a Kathmandu store for assessment, 2pm today I have a replacement fly in my hot little hands.

That is truly great customer service; despite having no proof of purchase, and being out of warranty, they still happily replaced the item.

Thank you Kathmandu. You have reminded me of a study which showed that a disgruntled customer will tell 7 people about a bad experience, a perfectly satisfied customer will tell 1 or 2 people, but a customer who has had a problem put right will tell everyone they know.. and thats what I find myself wanting to do now!

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