Saturday, November 1, 2008

SimCity now free software

My kids - well 10 yr old Mr L really - loves gaming. All kinds: Xbox, PC, PS2, online - don't matter which - hes not fussy. Spends hours at a time (days if I would let him!) Fortunately my 4 cherubs have to share the hardware so they tend to be limited to an hour a day... kids are extremey good at self policing when it comes to rationing scarce resources!

Surprisingly to me, he is into SimCity at the moment. I don't know why but I always imagined Sims was for girls - like playing dolls houses for big girls. Habbo Hotel used to be a favourite in our family - introduced by Miss M (now 13) - but she's moved onto Bebo which is all consuming!

Actually its amazing how many kids use Bebo as their primary source of communication - email is just so over. My kids all have Bebo accounts, as do all their cousins, and I love the way they all keep in touch, make plans, share photos and support each other.

Anyway, back to my starting point for this rambling ... SimCity has been released under a GPL licence! How cool is that! I got this news from boingboing which is one of my favourite blogfeeds. Quoting straight from Cory Doctorow:
"SimCity has just been released as free software under the GPL version 3 license (though the name has been changed to Micropolis for trademark reasons; it was the original working title). This was precipitated by the inclusion of SimCity on the One Laptop Per Child XO machines, but no reason the kids should have all the fun. Can't wait to see the SimCity hacks that emerge now."

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