Saturday, November 1, 2008

Keeping track of blog posts

I love Bloglines! I find it the easiest way to quickly keep track of whats happening in a bunch of different places on the internet and an important way to keep developing professionally. I love the way I can scan hundreds of entries and either read them there and then, or tick the ones I want to look at later. I do this a lot as I usually check my bloglines account while watching TV (do any public librarians get time to do this during their work day?).

Bloglines works by adding 'RSS feeds' to your account. As new posts are added to the source site the headlines are fed through to the Bloglines account.

Some of my feeds are library related, some techie, and some just plain quirky. Here is a list of my favourite RSS feeds:

Boingboing, Citegeist, ComputerWorld, CoolTools, Digg, Fresh and New, Information Literacy meets Library 2.0, Koha Community, Libraries Interact, Library Journal, Library Link of the Day, Library Tech NZ, McGovern Online, PC Magazine, Programmable Web, Read Write Web, The Shifted Librarian, Slash Dot, TEDtalks, The Thinking Blog, UK Web Focus and Wired.

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