Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Koha World Tour: Draft Itinerary

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the global Koha community and in the space of less than a week we have ourselves a Koha World Tour!

The draft itinerary can be seen online here and it while it does circumnavigate the world it misses out on huge chunks which will have to wait for another time. I can't, in all conscience, take more than 3 months away from the workforce and will have to get a real job at some point!

I have shown the local hosts or contacts for each leg in case people would like to help or host.

I will have 3 topics that I would love to talk about:

  1. The Origins of Koha: why we developed it, why Koha, how it has developed and why it is so jolly special;
  2. The Koha Community: this is why its so special :) Will talk about how the community works and how to get the best out of belonging;
  3. Te Takere: transforming a c1960s library service into a thriving community centre. As leader of this fantastic project it has been a career changing gig and one which has required a whole new approach. With visitor counts rising from 18k a  month to over 40k and reported youth crime down 60% after the first year of opening we were doing something right.

Once I have firmed up a few more leads and checked the feasibility of this from a booking flights point of view I'll post a firm itinerary.

Many thanks - and I can't wait to meet you!

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