Friday, December 2, 2011

Imagine : reinventing library services

Those who know me will know that Horowhenua Library Trust and Horowhenua District Council are about to commence construction of Te Takere, a culture and community centre. Te Takere will include the public library service but also a whole bunch of other activities and partners including the Muaupoko Tribal Authority, the Horowhenua Historical Society and Levin Family History Group. No doubt there will be others too. More>>

I have been pondering the operational aspect of Te Takere (because we have to prepare a budget for 2012/13 soon) and to do that we really need to get a handle on the service that will be delivered from Te Takere. I am a great one for models or frameworks and last night I spent half the night pondering this issue ... with some excitement I might add!

Tonight I must sleep and the best way to ensure that is do a brain dump, create a thought piece and invite all those clever people out there in the world to help me hammer something out. I'm aiming for crowd-sourced brilliance :)

Imagine : reinventing library services.
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Barb said...

'Library services' at HLT mean so much more than the traditional book and information provision. Te Takere gives us the opportunity to spread our wings even further with the help of our community partners.
It's obvious that such a close relationship between all of the partners will need diplomacy and probably some compromise for all concerned. Maybe a small sub committee with representatives from interested groups could deal with this?
A really good booking system for display and work and performance spaces - preferably online will be essential. I wonder about an overall quality manager for displays? Is this going to be necessary?
I suspect that initially the library will pull in most of the general foot traffic but this could change over time with partner organisations mounting exhibitions and events.

Larissa said...

I agree with Barbara about a booking system, not only for displays and performance space (including the content creation room) but also a booking system for internet (hopefully completely automated so we are not having to deal with bookings).

Any groups/rooms that will be in Te Takere will need to have clear hours displayed as to when they will be manned and those groups will need to stick to the hours posted otherwise it will create problems. They need to be aware of what is expected of them right from the start so there are no misunderstandings. Will they have some kind of contract they will sign to say they will man their area for a certain amount of time each week or something?

Would there be a specific go to person for groups to liase with when they have questions or problems? As we take up the biggest part of the space will we have overall say in what happens or will there be a committee of people who will decide on behalf of everyone? If we are having problems with a group, for example if they are not manning their rooms when they are supposed to be open, who deals with that?

I don't know whether any of this helps at all, but I noticed Barbara was the only one who had added a comment and I am interested what happens and how things will work. Sometimes I think it is easier to brainstorm in a group situation where other people's thoughts spark ideas in your own mind.