Monday, June 27, 2011

Thing 2 : look at other blogs

Looking at other blogs in just asking for trouble because I follow so many already! I love my Google reader and have a bunch of blogs which I read every day - or whenever they publish. I follow a bunch of library blogs, but consciously follow some from other, related fields.

I heard or read somewhere that you should occasionally go to a 'left field' conference because it's amazing what concepts can be filched and applied to libraries. For example, supply chain management. I helped a friend with a course of study once (proof reading) and then applied those principles to the work flow in the workplace.... I digress though: back to blogs :)

I have been through and looked at all the NZ blogs (us Kiwi's have to stick together) and then I dived in to some of the new blogs written by cpd23 participants. The delicious listing is very clever - being sorted by countries. I do hope we get to learn how to do that! Bit surprised to find one of the cpd23ers has created a blog with the same title as mine ... will send little mind daggers at them and hope they choose a unique name instead.

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