Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A day in the life of a library - Wednesday

Hoping for a more productive day than yesterday - and quite enjoying this 'reflection' aspect of A Day in the Life of a Library.

8.30 - 8.45: Trouble shooting wireless keyboard and mouse - still no go. New batteries fail too .... I'll keep pondering and banging away on my notebook.

8.45 - 9.20: Clearing emails, posted to list about non fiction lending patterns and how to map them to buying patterns,

9.20 - 9.45: Received call from hospital: they can operate on my daughter tomorrow! Frantically clearing my diary, postponing our family holiday next week, changing bookings etc.

9.45 - 10: Learnt a new game with staff and volunteers at morning tea: Bananagrams. Awful game - exhausting and I can't cope with the adrenaline overload so early in the morning. It fits the brief though: can accommodate 2 - 7+ players, uses word skills and is fast (we got 3 games out in 15 minutes.)

10 - 11: Talked to Chair of the Library Trust about this weeks Trustee meeting that I will now miss, arranging for the library consultant who is helping with Te Takere (our new library / community centre) to speak to the GreyPower meeting about about the library, services to elderly and what Te Takere will offer to seniors in the District. Briefing student who is working through a bunch of IT issues for me: updating antivirus programme, reformatting harddrives and disposing of old equipment.

11 - 5 .45: Researching Annual Plans from other public libraries for content and layout inspiration. Started drafting our Statement of Intent 2011-2012. Thinking about key activities and projects for the next financial year and what resources we will need.


DaenelT said...

Hope your daughter's surgery goes well, I know how angst inducing that can be.

Joann Ransom said...

Thanks DanaeIT. She has been so sick for most of last year and missed so much school. It will be good to get them done. I am anxious a little because she has tonsilitis at the moment and I can't see how they are going to manage getting those slimy, infected puss-riddled things out. Anyway - we'll know in a couple of hours.