Monday, March 23, 2009

What the web stretegist should know about Twitter

Great link on the Web4lib digest this morning, linking to this post on on Jeremiah Owyang's blog Social Media, Web Marketing.

Provides a really good introduction to Twitter, plus loads of related links to other posts about using Twitter to market your business or service. Heres an excerpt:
"The savvy Twitter user realizes that the effective communications aren’t just ‘pushing’ content to readers, but they will also dialogue and converse with others by replying to them. I use this tool as a global chat room, responding to others, building relationships, and listening in. Like blogging, the rule of anti-marketing marketing is required for success, engage your community. Unlike traditional forms of advertising and marketing, Twitter is “opt-in” meaning that users will ‘follow’ a twitter account, abuse will result in a user unsubscribing. "


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out this post - looks very interesting. There is also a link near the bottom about measuring these sort of initiatives - great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Joann I have reblogged this on my blog (and credited you) hope that is ok! Hope you don't mind! I know retweeting is fine, not so sure how people feel about reblogging?

Joann Ransom said...

Hi Alison,

Feel free to reblog and retweet anything of mine; I've invariably found it from a blog, a tweet or a list anyway ..

cheerrs Jo.