Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Te Papa - Wow !!

Te Papa have just launched an amazing new interactive space. Called Our Space. It features 2 main components.

The first is an interactive floormap called (appropriately) The Map. In the Our Space media bank there are thousands of images of turangawaewae - places all round New Zealand where people are proud to stand. These appear on the mirrored media walls around the Map, triggered as you move across the glass floor. Each time you step on a trigger, a new image of that region appears.

The second new installation, is called The Wall. To 'play' you select media from the loading stations and send them to the wall. There are thousands of images and videos from around NZ to choose from, or you can load your own, or even create media on the spot by recording videos and photos in the station’s web-cam or creating text messages with the touch screen keyboard.

Your media appears instantly, floating high on the Wall. Then you take a wireless remote and choose an image: move it, stretch it, paint it, animate it, crop it, join it to other images. You can even nick other peoples media!

Mash up your media to remix NZ, as you see it. Cameras take snapshots every minute of the wall. You can view the wall online and even print off your bit by locating the wall image by timestamp. It is very cool.

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